When you can’t get started…

I should start this post by telling you that I am in no way a mechanic. I have the ability to change a flat tire and have been successful at minor repair with the assistance of others, but that may be the extent of my abilities when it comes to working on vehicles. I would love to be more mechanically inclined, but I have never had the desire to put the time or energy into this field so I very much appreciate those who do. And I pay them for their services when needed.

carwontstartA few nights ago, I needed said services. After enjoying watching my son’s basketball game at a school nearly an hour from home, I went to start my truck and nothing happened. It didn’t click. It didn’t grind. It didn’t try to turn over at all. But the lights dimmed. I’m sure some of you are already diagnosing the problem while reading this. But, remember, I have very little knowledge in this area, so my mind goes to where it has always gone in this situation – I must need a jump. So as I was pulling out my cables, I was fortunate enough to have some very kind people pull into the parking space next to mine. They offered to help. They weren’t there to help. They were there for the varsity basketball game that was probably just beginning (My son plays on the junior varsity team and I usually leave after his game ends). Still, the couple proceeded to help. Did I mention it was raining?

After trying my cables and then his, we realized the problem must be stemming from something else. He crawled up under my truck (again, this was in the rain) and tried to locate the starter and found that some wires may need replaced. This wasn’t a problem we could fix at night and in the rain, so I called to have it towed to a place that could repair the problem. I never enjoy having to do this but realize it must be done. In the end, the couple who helped out had also offered a ride and made sure I arrived to my destination safely. It’s amazing what sacrifices someone will make to help us when we find ourselves in trouble. I’m very thankful for them stopping and offering help to someone in need – even when it meant missing what they drove so far to see.

After waiting the weekend away, I received a call from the guy who looked at my car and while he hadn’t fixed it, he did say he would start it for me so I could drive it home. I was confused at first. If he could start it, what’s the problem? Is it fixed? No. It wasn’t fixed. But when I arrived he showed me how to use the solenoid to start the truck and I was able to drive it home fine until I have have it fixed. I found it funny that, for him, it was so easy, but for me and the guy trying to help a few nights before, it almost seemed to be a hopeless cause.

A lot of things in life can feel hopeless. It’s so easy to get mad and throw a tantrum because things don’t go your way. But the reality is, just because you can’t get something started doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t be able to. I used to think that to call the tow truck is to give up, but I found out it’s more than that. I wasn’t giving up. I was turning the job over to someone who had the proper training to do the job I could not do. It’s okay to let someone else help you when you can’t figure things out. Always work hard and give your best, but be aware that sometimes we can’t do it all on our own. Sometimes we have to call someone. I couldn’t start my truck no matter how hard I tried but a quick study from a mechanic and it started easily. Never be afraid to trust someone else to help you get started in life. Once you get running, you will be able to get where you are going. That’s what’s most important after all, right – Getting where we are going? We should all be willing to help each other get where we are trying to go. Like the mechanic. Like the couple who stopped to help and sacrificed so much for us. We all need help getting started. We all know how to start things others do not. Imagine if we all worked together to help each other just get started. Think about it.

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