What to put in…

foodI just got over one of the worst viruses I can remember having. Everything seemed to be nonstop and I spent hours in the bathroom hoping that each time would be the last as I extinguished the minimal amount of fluids left in my body. To make matters worse, this all started on Wednesday night, the night before Thanksgiving. So here it is, Saturday, and I’ve finally eaten my first meal. A small meal from McDonald’s. While the rest of the world enjoyed their turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, I set starving and wishing I was putting stuff in rather than spewing stuff out. It wasn’t the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had.

But I guess being shut in from being sick and not being able to enjoy my time off from work gave me an opportunity to think. I always think when I’m alone and have nothing to do. Probably too much. It was the middle of the night and I was desperately trying to finish another bathroom episode when I decided to go to my phone and find out how I can put the right stuff in so the wrong stuff doesn’t come out. The truth is, there isn’t an easy answer. A virus must run its course. But I found myself stuck on that thought – ‘How can I put the right stuff in so the wrong stuff doesn’t come out?’

I’m very intrigued by the realization that I can control the negatives by my own actions. So I started thinking of my own life. I thought of all the negatives and how many battles I have faced. I thought of my own negligence when it came to how I prepared for the “viruses” I have struggled with in life. I mean, that’s what a virus is, right? Something that attempts to conquer us until we conquer it? Everything is a virus. Every struggle – A virus.

I’ll tell you that my first instinct after the first night of my virus was to eat when I woke up. I was hungry. Rightfully, so. I had been in the bathroom flushing my system of everything good all night long. So I did what any unprepared person would do. I ate the first thing I saw. I won’t tell you what it was but I will tell you it didn’t end well. I ended up much worse than if I had ate nothing at all. What you put in matters when you have a virus. A friend of mine told me to eat simple things like crackers or soups and to drink something that will calm my stomach rather than upset it. I feel like it was good advice. This strategy didn’t get me out of the bathroom but it did settle down the violent nature of my ailment. So, while I still wasn’t happy about my situation, I put myself in a better position to manage it.

None of us can control that bad things will happen to us in life. Bad things happen to everyone. But we can control how we prepare for those things that come against us and try to destroy us or bring us down. The pains that you have faced may be the very reason you are “hungry” and reaching for things you don’t need. But if you aren’t careful how you feed that hunger, your feeding may be making you worse. Be careful what you put in. You will be this “virus” in your life. But first, prepare yourself and change your habits to meet the need. Maybe it’s no help at all. But, for me, I couldn’t stop thinking about it while I was sick. Thanks for reading.