Do Nothing…

We always think we have to be doing something. In fact, we teach it to our children that there is always something else that can be done. I know that, as a former manager, Iimages instructed co-workers to always find something else to do rather than sitting around waiting on the clock. Time seems to speed up when we keep busy. But maybe we are too busy. Perhaps I was wrong to instruct others to work in such a way. Now, I’m certainly not indicating that a person shouldn’t complete one-hundred percent of their work, but what if it is wrong to proceed with work in such a way that a person is left with no time to simply do nothing?

Let me pose this question: Is it possible to get more done simply by doing nothing? I’m starting to believe it is. I can share recent experiences of my life to attest to this. Within the last month I found a wallet (that was stuffed full of cash) under a table at a restaurant. I was doing nothing at the time so I grabbed it and turned it in to an official who could return it. I helped assist a woman in the parking lot of a grocery store after she fell and busted her chin open on the pavement while others completely missed the event. Again, I really wasn’t doing anything when it happened. That’s why it was so easy to help. I stopped to help a turtle cross a busy highway. I really wasn’t in a hurry to get where I was going. I gave myself plenty of time to arrive at my interview that day. I have so many of these stories. These are only a few but they serve the moral of the story. Doing nothing can impact this world if we prepare ourselves for the something that comes after.

When the lady fell in the parking lot, I noticed another woman close-by. She was closer than me, actually, but she wasn’t aware of what had happened because her face was pointed down toward the phone she was holding in her hand. This probably happened 10-15 feet from her and she didn’t even know it happened. The group of people sitting at the table didn’t even see the wallet sitting at their own feet. I did. I had nothing better to do than observe my surroundings at the time. I could help the turtle because I afforded myself the time to do so before I left the house. I had nothing better to do so why not help?

I don’t think people are aware of what they miss in the world around them because they refuse to take the time to just do nothing. I recently visited the website I encourage you to visit the website, as well. It may truly open your eyes. It’s not easy to sit for even two minutes and do nothing. Your mind may race. You may find it difficult to do, but just try. I believe you will find it refreshing and it will allow you to relieve stress, pray, find life answers or whatever it is you need to do. Try it out and start taking the time to do nothing from now on.